The Minna Limon is one of the most unique vibrators I have had the pleasure of owning. Made of silicone and inflated like a balloon, it has what is called a “squeezable interface,” a.k.a. you squeeze it to control the vibrations. Squeeze softly and you get low, rumbly vibrations. Squeeze hard and you get fast, strong vibrations. Squeeze somewhere in between and you get somewhere in between. You get back exactly what you put in.  I consider it the best.  For more vibrator reviews and a different opinion check out this link about the best vibrator.


The Limon is the second toy released by relatively new company Minna. Their first toy, the Ola, uses the same squeezable interface technology, but it is an insertable toy intended for g-spot stimulation. I have not tried the Ola. The Limon was made possible by an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign that helped cover production costs.  I must confess that this is just the best clitoral vibrator on the market.

So what’s so great about this vibrator?

This is shaped exactly like a small lemon. The shape makes it pretty subtle– it doesn’t look like a vibrator. It is wrapped in the most luxurious, smooth, buttery silicone. I am really smitten for this kind of silicone. It is so much nicer than the glossy, draggy silicone. It has a rounded bottom with magnetic charger connections set in hard plastic and a pointed tip on the opposite end. The way it protrudes resembles a nipple. There is a faint seam around the middle and a single, raised button.


Pressing the button once turns the toy on. A Minna logo will light up on the left side and a small light under the button will blink and vibrate to indicate how much battery life is left– one blink is low battery, two blinks is half battery, and three blinks is fully charged. If it just blinks once, it is time to recharge! If it is totally dead, it will not blink and vibrate at all. To turn the Limon off, press and hold the button for a few seconds. The Minna light on the side will come on, it will vibrate, and then the lights will go off.

There are three modes: free play, record, and lock. Free play is the mode it is automatically in when you turn it on. In free play, you can squeeze the sides and it will vibrate accordingly. Squeeze softly and it will vibrate with low, rumbly vibrations. Squeeze harder and the vibrations will be stronger and quicker. If you aren’t squeezing in this mode, the toy is not vibrating.

If you press the button a second time, a different light comes on, a semicircle with an arrow, like a repeat symbol from iTunes or an iPod or something. When in this mode, you can record any pattern of vibration you like, or, what I like, solid and steady vibrations. After a second, when you stop squeezing, it will start playing your pattern back to you. However, if you squeeze again, it forgets the pattern you just made and starts recording a new one.  The we-vibe 3 is one of the best vibrators as well.

The third and final mode is the lock mode, and it has a small light-up lock to represent this. If you press the button after you have made a pattern, it will play it back to you over and over in a loop. In this mode, it doesn’t matter if you squeeze– it will not interrupt your pattern. The only way to make it stop is to press the button once more, which returns you to free play mode.


While some might love the flexibility of creating their own patterns, I am not one who loves patterns. I like strong, steady, constant vibrations. I can create that by squeezing it steadily and then putting the toy in lock mode. I require constant vibrations to cum and this toy makes it easy to record those patterns, although I would still prefer a toy that featured that as a setting.

So so quiet…

This toy is also extremely quiet. The only time it really makes noise is if you lay it on something while turned on and then it makes a buzzy sound. The sound could easily be muffled by a blanket or music and could not be heard if used behind a closed door.

As I said above, the shape and appearance makes this toy more subtle. It doesn’t immediately look like a vibrator. It is quite small as well. It is about 3” long and has a 6.5” circumference, though it is not intended for insertion. The size makes it very easy to hold.

The Limon has a magnetic charger and is recharged by USB. I plug the USB end into an adapter from my iPhone. I have a lot of toys that have magnetic chargers, and frankly, they suck. The connection on that kind of charger is frequently weak and makes it hard to charge. The Limon comes with a kind of dock that requires the toy to sit firmly in place and it charges easily. I love that.

Because of the squeezable interface, this toy is inflated. It can become deflated, especially when exposed to changes in air pressure, like if you travel with it. To restore it to the original inflation level, simply insert a pin or ballpoint pen into the small valve in between the magnetic contacts on the base of the Limon.  This is why it’s rated as the top rated vibrator.

What’s it made from?

This toy is silicone, which is nonporous and allows toys to be shared when sanitized properly in between users. The Limon is 100% waterproof, so you can use it in the bath, shower, jacuzzi– wherever you like. Because of the mechanical components, it cannot be boiled to sterilize, but can be washed with soap and water or bleached in a 10% bleach solution. For external use, you would not need much lubricant, but stick with water-based lube– silicone lubes could damage the toy.

The packaging is great for the Limon. It is a small cardboard cylinder that opens in the middle. It is sturdy and rigid. When you open it, a small plastic holder sits inside that holds the Limon upright. Underneath that is a small book of info about the settings, charger, and a travel bag. I love when toys come with bags. It is just a neat bonus.

I love this vibrator. It is similar, in my opinion, to the Je Joue Mimi. This is definitely among my favorite clitoral vibes and I don’t see it being unseated anytime soon. I do wish it had a steady vibration setting and didn’t require me to record long, constant vibrations to then play back on a loop. I have read some complaints in other reviews about the lights being too bright, especially the Minna logo on the side, but I think it is cute. I love the strength and rumbliness (is that a word?) of the vibrations. I love the charger and the fact that it stays connected. The packaging is great.

My partner loves this toy too. He loves how strong it is but he is an engineer and appreciates the tech-iness (why do I keep making up words?) and innovation put into the design of this toy.

I was thoroughly impressed with the Limon and I hope to try the Ola in the future. Props to Minna for an innovative toy that actually delivers.  Another valuable source is

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This toy was provided to me at no charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This review is in accordance with the FTC guidelines.