I was recently sent the 10-Function Risque from tabu toys. The Risque is a vibrating butt plug made by California Exotics. It has a wide, flared base and 10 settings of vibration. Although I own many butt plugs, I only own a few that vibrate.photo-4-225x300

The first Risque I was sent did not work, no matter how much tweaking and working on it we did. I contacted tabu and they quickly sent out another one–it worked right away. They have wonderful customer service.

What’s it made from?

As I said above, it is a vibrating butt plug. It is made of TPR. TPR is not a dreadful material, but it is still somewhat porous, which means it can retain bacteria. It can’t be fully sterilized because it cannot be bleached or boiled without breaking down– not ideal for an anal toy. You can use a condom over it every time if you would like, and should if you intend to share it with partners. It can really only be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, or wipes.


The shape

The shape of the plug is nice. I would think it would be a little too large for a true anal beginner but if you have experience, it is not intimidating and would actually probably be too small for advanced users. I think of it as being right at the small side of intermediate. It has a tapered tip that goes into a fairly slender shaft and then tapers down again to the neck. It is easy to insert because of the tapered tip.

The neck is not narrow enough (for me at least) to truly use this as a plug. It is more of a probe, or a vibrator, because I had to keep my fingers on the base the entire time to make it stay in my butt. It kept slipping out. The base is large and safely keeps the toy positioned outside your body (if only you could make it stay in your body). The batteries also go in the base. The battery compartment door is a little tricky to get on and make it stay on as well. The battery door is made of plastic, not TPR.

The Risque is 3.25? long (insertable) and 1.25? wide.



The Risque is touted as being “10-Function.” It has a single button on the base that says “10x.”


Pressing it once turns it. Continuing to press it cycles through the functions and pressing and holding turns it off. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The vibrations are fairly strong, a little buzzy sounding, but not weak. I was surprised by the power of this toy. The vibration patterns are as follows:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Short Pulses
  • Wavy pulses
  • Low to high
  • Long pulses
  • Gradual increase
  • Random
  • High-Low-High-Low

This toy has several flaws, as you can read about above. My main issue with this is the fact that it will not stay in. I do not want to use a butt plug that has to be held in with my fingers! The battery door can be an annoyance as well and I would prefer for it to be made out of a better material, but I do not share my toys.
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