The underwear drawer is one for opinion, while some ladies prefer comfort, others prefer aesthetics. If you are bored of the usual labels and lacing, the following brands are sure to peak interest and should be in everyone’s underwear drawers, as they mark off both aesthetics and comfort.

Princesse Tam Tam

Designed by two Parisian sisters during the 1980’s, Princesse Tam Tam was introduced to the world. The sisters owned a shop that had a surprising bestseller, men’s boxers that was bright and colorful. The duo was then inspired to go against the mainstream trends and make lingerie. Their collections are both creative and subtle, and they have original prints as well. Made from colorful cotton, intricate details from double straps and bows to a more classic lace trim.

Rosie for Autograph

This brand is well known for being a collaboration between the underwear favorites M&S and model Rosie Huntinton-Whiteley, but many may not realize just how lovely the lingerie really is. It ranges from delicate neutrals with a luxurious plush tone to French laces and silks, which Rosie models herself, of course.


Created by Penelope and Monica Cruz, L’Agent is a collection of bold contrasting colors that detail both fresh and playful. It is the best combination of comfort and sexy, without the edge of dominatrix-style.

Calvin Klein

The lingerie collection from Calvin Klein offers the same slick, luxe and sophisticated aesthetics that one might expect. The latest collection, modeled by Christie Turlington Burns, showcases the most iconic bras from the brand. They include triangle bras to underwire and provocative balconettes and gel plunges, sorted in various shapes that offer flawless silhouettes.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is able to excel in any area of female garments that she touches, from ski jackets to lingerie. With the latest collection provides bold prints that stand out and her ready to wear pieces and a combination of delicate lace, contrasting fabric and sporty mesh all make a great comfortable and stylish lingerie. This results in a fresh and contemporary take on the classic silhouette underwear If you are big on sustainability, this brand is the one for you as McCartney also offers a signature hardware that is created using recycled materials, and the cotton is organic too.


Bluebella was started by Emily Bendell, an Oxford graduate in 2005 that seen a gap that existed between sexually empowered lingerie and a new generation of women and confidence. To make this even more interesting, they have gotten an exclusive and official license or distributing the Fifty Shades of Grey collection too!

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