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I have never liked bullet vibrators. I am just being honest. After posting this on my social media sites, I was contacted by loads of sex toys reviewers stating that I was truly missing out. All of them stated that I just had to try the We-Vibe Tango. I just blew it off, I have dozens of bullets that just never got me off and they lay in my “toys that don’t work” box.  Now the only experience that I had with We-Vibe products was the We-Vibe 2, which was in that box. I had a lot of doubts about it, but these people really knew what they were talking about, so I really thought it through before I purchased the Tango. The first thing I noticed was that it arrived earlier than expected and then it became time to find out if this would be the one Bullet that would rule them all.

Well, it really did the job. I was pleasantly surprised about that. This isn’t your average bullet. I can honestly say that this little petite, unassuming vibrator is now my go to when I am looking for that powerful orgasm. This is the first toy that I grab most of the time and it is the one that stays constantly charged. That is saying a lot considering that I truly hate bullets.

When it comes down to what makes the Tango so awesome and different from other types of bullets it is a simple answer: the depth and power. When I compared the Tango to other bullets that I have owned, as well as my other sex toys which include my Gigi and Midori, it just outperforms them so much that I feel bad for ever doubting We-Vibe.

I don’t think I have even found 2 toys that have identical vibrations. There are some close, but there are a lot of things that should be factored into it. The motor quality is one, while the others are size and how it feels. Materials that are used can also make the vibrations feel different as well. The vibrations could vary, but I seem to enjoy strong vibrations and even more importantly is that the vibrations are able to go deep. I want to be able to feel those vibrations really deep inside of my clit. It can be quite hard to find the right toy that can do just that and even back it up with speed and then depth. I finally found it. I call it the Tango. This is one vibrator that brings the hard, deep, mind blowing orgasms that have left me shaking and completely satisfied, every single time. I am truly a power seeker and for most vibrators I have to turn it all the way up to even get me close to orgasming. The We-Vibe Tango can get me to that point on just 2 out of the 4 speed settings it has. Sometimes I just turn it on high because I can and it feels quite amazing. I haven’t found a vibrator that has such power or depth in such a tiny little package.

Besides being a really great clitoral vibrator that I have ever tried, The Tango is also great for placing inside of a male toy like the Fleshlight to give a rumbling feeling for your guy. I did this for my honey and he liked it held against his shaft which caused him to have a really powerful orgasm.

When it comes to details about the Tango, it is around 3.25 inches long and is a rechargeable clitoral vibrator. When you use it on high like I do, you will get around an hour of super orgasms. You will get longer times at lower speeds. It does use a magnetic charger, which I am not really fond of because it isn’t the best connection that could be used and it has to be left on a flat surface and made sure that it can be kept still so that the charger doesn’t fall off. It has 8 different vibrations that will make your motor go. The first 4 of these are the speeds such as low, medium, high, and ultra. The last 4 settings are different vibration modes which have waves, cha-cha and pulse options. Keep in mind that the Tango comes with a built in memory and it will start on the setting that you had it on last. If you are like me then most of the time that is ultra and it can cause you to have too much of an intense feeling to start with. Simple push the button controls and cycle through its settings with the button. This can be annoying if you miss your go to setting, because it means that you have to go through all of the vibrations again. The Tango is decently quiet, but not whispery quiet. You can hear it on the other side of the room and it is louder than most bullets but which sound like angry bees in a can where the Tango sounds like a muffled version on electric toothbrush. If you are using the Tango, simple throw your comforter over you and you should be fine if you share a room and need a discreet toy. The best part of it all is that it is waterproof.

Now there are some downsides to the Tango, such as that stupid magnetic charger that if you blow on it will break the charge and that is super annoying. Another thing that has been noticed that if you apply pressure to your clit the Tango could lose some power. Not a lot, but it is a noticeable change. Since their recent update, some of these issues were fixed.

The Charger is no longer that stupid circle and magnetic connection was a hassle and if the toy rolled, it would be disconnected. So they made it a rectangular that has two magnetic pins on the base of the Tango that protrudes a bit. This helps to ensure a strong and secure connection and the button it is a bit more reactive, which is a bonus. But the connection still breaks with a sharp knock or lifting the charge can break the connection. It would be better if it was more like a micro charger, just saying.

They also added a low battery indicator. There is a light on the base that will begin to blink when the Tango has a low battery and needs to be charged. For many this is a useful tool, but for me I have little use for it. It does take me a while to reach a good orgasm and because of my long masturbation sessions, I am used to charging the Tango after all my sessions. It is a small toy with a small battery. I am not saying that the battery doesn’t last long. I am just saying I get a good hour from my toy and normally on a complete, full charge I can get two sessions out of it and it depends on what type of mode I am on. Just to be honest for most people the indicator is a good thing, but it causes me to have a bit of a panic during my sessions and I find it a bit distracting.

Now you can get the We-Vibe Tango in different colors. The original model only had deep purple. Now it comes in Light pink, Deep fuchsia, deep purple, and light purple. They also went to the standard box instead of the unique hexagonal shape. The box is still great to look at and is good for long term storage.

Overall, there were some things with the Original We-Vibe Tango that needed to be fixed, but it was and still is my favorite clitoral vibrator. With the update they took a great toy and just made it better by fixing the issues that mode people had with it, but kept what everyone loved about it such as that super motor that gives an amazing vibration. If you love power like I do, then you are going to love the We-Vibe Tango, but fair warning to those who are sensitive or need to have a gentler, lighter sensation, this bullet is not for you. It packs a mean power punch that can feel super intense at lower speeds.

Despite what I had originally thought about older and not so awesome bullets, the We-Vibe Tango was actually perfection for me and I started out with the original model, but I just overlooked some issues because of all the orgasms it gave me. When I got the new Tango, it impressed me even more and I honestly never thought that I would ever find a bullet vibrator that I actually liked and was wanting to use more than anything in my box of toys. The We-Vibe Tango is just one of those toys that once you use it will stick in your mind for forever.

We Vibe Salsa

When I started my search for a new toy, I came across the We Vibe Salas. My first thoughts were that it couldn’t possibly satisfy my urges because it’s tiny, but I am glad I decided to give it a shot anyway. It may be small, but I was wrong about it not being powerful enough to get my urges under control!

Once I got it, I was a little down that it recommended charging for 90 minutes prior to first use, but I just plugged it in and went on about my day. That evening, I was excited to get back home to test it out and see just what the hype was over. I was really surprised by the amount of power it had, I almost dropped it when I turned it on. Even on low, it will spin around in circles when laying on a solid surface.

It has four vibration modes, which range between 3000 and 4800 rpm. The higher the vibration, the louder the buzzy noise gets. The four modes include Wave, Tease, Pulse and Cha-Cha. I’m not one for patterns as they don’t do much for me, but some find them to be great.

Tease simply teases you, while the wave is more like a roller coaster, which can become frustrating. Pulse is enough to make the clit throb in a nice way, but Cha-Cha to me felt all over the place. Personally, I preferred the more consistent vibration of the speeds, which low was enough to get me of.

The overall size is about the length of a playing card (3 inches), and slender. This makes it an easy toy to take with you on the go for those spur of the moment situations. Although, you may not want to go full blast unless you’re in an isolated area with no one around!

It comes in red, black or white and made from Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS) thermoplastic. You can use water or silicone based lube with it. The glossy plastic can provide some drag, so I use some lube on the tip.

Charging fully does take 90 minutes, but it can last up to 2 hours. After playtime is over, I find putting it back on the charger keeps it ready for whenever I am ready to go again.


  • Size, small enough to take with you
  • Powerful
  • Multispeed with patterns


  • Can be noisy
  • 90-minute charge time



In the end, I am glad that I purchased the We Vibe Salsa because it has become my new best friend. I am able to take it with me on road trips, and no one ever knows it. The only downfall was the 90-minute charge when it came, but it was totally worth it!

Crystal Delights Frosted Plug

On the first day of November, I was a lucky, lucky girl. I had been entered in a contest to win a Crystal Delights frosted glass plug simply by being a fan on Facebook— and won! That is one (of the many) awesome thing about Shellie, the creator of Crystal Delights plug— she truly wants everyone to try her products and makes it effortless to randomly win one on occasion.


I had wanted a sparkly Crystal Delights plug ever since I had first laid eyes on them. I thought they were gorgeous and I love materials like glass and stainless steel. The weight, ability to heat up or cool down, and ability to fully sterilize are three big factors in me loving glass toys. I love the cool sensation of a glass plug going into my ass because glass feels cold, even at room temperature.

I have had other glass butt plugs before but they do not really compare to the quality and craftsmanship of a Crystal Delights toy. That quality is apparent as soon as you hold it in your hand…or ass. I was unprepared for how pretty a glass plug with a Swarovski crystal would be. They truly are works of art.

The sparkle

The dictionary defines sparkle as “shine brightly with flashes of light.” The crystal catches light and doesn’t sparkle—it glitters— “shines with a bright, shimmering, reflected light.” The frosted glass portion of this plug really allows the crystal to stand out because light is not refracted through the rest of the plug, like it would be if it was a transparent glass. Therefore, the bright orange crystal is the only part of this plug that is catching the light.

The color of the crystal is delightful. Shellie said she was giving away an orange frosted plug because the contest ended on Halloween and orange is just a good fall-ish color. It reminds me of the color of an orange highlighter— it is very intense, but complex. When light hits it, many other colors shine through— pinks, blues, yellows. It is gorgeous.


The glass portion of the plug is frosted. It is a clear frosted glass, but it kind of looks white. It is matte and has no shine. When you add lubricant, it becomes much more transparent.

This is definitely intended for anal use. It could be inserted vaginally, but as small as the bulb is on this plug, I don’t think it would provide much— or any (for me)— vaginal stimulation.

The plug is 3.3” long and 1.4” wide. Only the bulb and part of the neck are insertable, leaving you with an insertable length of about 2.7”. It feels heavy. I love an anal plug with weight to it. I like being reminded that it is there and the weight helps with that. It is easy to insert for me, but if you do not have much anal experience, there is a learning curve with glass. It is really hard—has no give to it—and could be more difficult to insert since you cannot really squish it to help get it inserted.

The base

The base is wide and definitely anal safe. it will not travel too far inside your body because the round base with that big, pretty crystal will be nestled in between your butt cheeks.The base does keep the plug safely outside your body, but I have found that it is not the most comfortable for extremely extended wear. Now, keep in mind that sometimes I wear plugs for entire days and that is what I am basing this judgment on.

This is fine for a couple of hours. The round base could potentially be irritating on the butt cheeks after longer than that, though. For that reason, I think of the Crystal Delights plugs to be more like “dress-up plugs.” Not so much for wearing all day, but for when you want to have a gorgeous asshole to show off. I like putting mine in for foreplay and leave it in during vaginal intercourse sometimes because I like the sensation of double penetration. The bulb can be felt slightly by my partner’s penis during intercourse and he says it adds stimulation. The base does not get in the way of his penis, like some other plugs I have worn during intercourse.

The packaging

Crystal Delights products come packaged in a beautiful black brocade bag with elastic closures, kind of similar to a jewelry roll. It will protect your plug and provides a great storage option as well. I never worry about putting a Crystal Delights plug in my bag or suitcase if it is wrapped properly in the storage bag. It also protects it in my nightstand drawer.


Cleaning a glass plug is easy and they can be fully sterilized. Due to the crystal, I do not recommend using the dishwasher or boiling the plug like I typically would a glass toy. Instead, I recommend soap and water, alcohol, or a 10% bleach solution. I use an old toothbrush to clean the groove around the crystal, because it seems like lube and other fluid can collect there.


I highly recommend the whole line of Crystal Delights toys. They are well made, can be used for temperature play, can be sterilized and shared, feel great, body safe and just really damn pretty. I have purchased three since I won this one and I feel like I will be acquiring many more in the future because they are such good plugs.

As an alternative, check out the 10-Function Risque.

Tantus Tsunami

tsu•na•mi: a very high, large wave in the ocean that is usually caused by an earthquake that can cause great destruction when it reaches land.

This name works for the Tantus vibrating dildo for more than one reason.

The first, and most apparent, is that it actually resembles a series of waves. One ridge just rolling into the next.

The second reason, which is not apparent until you start thrusting, is that there will be waves of pleasure washing over you for quite some time.


How to use it

This vibrating dildo can be used vaginally or anally because it has a nice, thick, anal-safe base that also makes it harness compatible. The base is important when considering a dildo for anal use, because it keeps it from potentially traveling too far inside your body. The premium Tantus silicone used for all their toys makes this good for use in either orifice because it can be fully sterilized and used for both or for sharing between partners.


The Tsunami comes with a small silver vibrating bullet in the base. I think it is weak and recommend you ditch it. If you like internal vibrations, I recommend replacing the bullet with a We-Vibe Salsa or Tango. They are similar in size to the original bullet but much stronger and deeper vibrations, which travel well through the Tantus silicone. Or, you could do like I do ( I don’t get much stimulation from internal vibrations), and skip the insertable bullet all together and use said bullet on my clitoris while I thrust with the Tsunami– just use it as a regular dildo.

What’s it made from?

The Tsunami is made from the high-quality, glossy silicone one comes to expect from Tantus. It is available in three colors: Strawberry (what I have), Purple Haze (lighter purple), and Midnight Purple (dark purple). I can only speak to the Strawberry color, but it is very pretty; a hot pink color with a sheen to it. It is sparkly and very pretty.


This particular silicone is glossy and has a lot of drag to it. It is kind of sticky. It attracts a lot of hair and lint and should be washed before every use to get the fuzz off. The issue of drag during use can be smoothed out with a little bit of lubricant. I recommend water-based lube but some higher-quality silicone lubricants can also be used. I recommend spot-testing the lube in an inconspicuous spot, like on the base, before using it for insertion. Some silicone lubricants react with silicone toys and you do not want that to happen.

The design

The design of this toy really does resemble a row of waves rolling in to shore. It has a slightly tapered tip and then goes into the luscious ridges that caressed my g-spot to orgasm. I assume it would do the same for the p-spot, but being a female bodied reviewer, I cannot attest to that. I have not tried it anally yet because there is so much texture going on that it intimidates me a little bit. Even if I were to try it anally though, I could not vouch for its ability to stimulate the prostate.

There are three ridges, or waves, and it is ever so slightly curved to really get right on the g-spot. Below the final ridge is a smooth neck about 1? long before going into the flared base. The backside of the toy also has some more shallow ridges to add stimulation.


Length (insertable): 6 1/2″

I thought I would love this toy because its ridges reminded me so much of the Echo handle and the Goddess handle that I so adore and I knew I was correct after trying it a few times. All of these ridged g-spot toys just keep the stimulation coming.

How to clean it?

Tantus silicone is a dream to care for. It can be boiled, bleached, put in the dishwasher, washed with soap and water, or toy cleaner. Pay special attention to the crevices in between ridges and ensure no fluid collects there. When using a vibrating bullet in the bullet cavity, I would recommend putting some lubricant in the hole first to make removal easier.

The size of this toy is not intimidating, but the texture may be. The waves on the front and ridged back may be too much for some users. For this reason, I recommend it to intermediate to advanced users, or at least those who know what kind of toys/texture they like. If you love texture and g-spot stimulation, this is absolutely the toy for you.

As an alternative, check out the Tantus O2 Mikey.

Rare Assembly Bondage Bow

The Bondage Bow is the first product released by UK company Rare Assembly. Though the bows aren’t yet sold in the United States, Rare Assembly was kind enough to send me one to try out. The bows are currently available in several colors– honey gold, dark cherry red, pink, purple and black– but the Rare Assembly website says additional spring colors will be released soon. They are also available in two sizes, small and large. Small is 50? long and the large is 75?. I tested a large (75?) pink bow. Even the large is fairly short. It is fine for a few times around my wrists or a few times around my ankles, but nothing more than that.

The packaging

It came to me in a perfectly sized and shaped cylindrical shipping container– not one of those excessively large, cumbersome packages. The box holding the bondage bow fit in snugly and perfectly. When I pulled the top off the shipping cylinder, I saw it was packed with pink tissue paper. I don’t know if all bondage bows ship with pink tissue or if it was pink to match my specific bow, but it was a nicer touch than plain white tissue would have been.

The bow itself is housed in a clear plastic cylinder. It is so pretty when you first open it. It has been arranged on a stainless piercing to look like an actual gift bow. I didn’t want to take it apart because I knew I could never make it look nice again! At the base of the piercing is an adhesive circle, so you really could use it as a gift bow if you wanted. Since I was not giving this bow as part of a gift, I did not stick it to anything (yet). The end is stamped with “rare” in a pretty cursive font, but the lettering started rubbing off mine after one use. Not a big deal though.

My concerns with the bow

I was worried the piercing would leave unsightly holes in the ribbon, but the 100% latex material the bow is made out of seems to heal itself pretty well, down to a small slit where you can try to put it back on the piercing if you would like. I did try, and those little marks helped show me how to get it back on the piercing…although my attempt was not nearly as lovely as the original.

There is a label on the bottom of the container that has an image of a very nice ass with hands tied behind the back, just above the ass. It also says, “Unwind this bow and tie somebody up. 100% Natural Latex.”

On the reverse of that label, only visible when the container is open and the bow has been removed, it says, “To unwind, pull the ribbon from the piercing. With love, rare.” The quality of packaging and presentation of this bow is really superb.


As a restraint, I love this bow. The latex material does not allow for much movement but is far more comfortable than a rope restraint or metal handcuffs. Mr. Kat has tied me up a few times extremely tightly with these and when tied very tightly, they give the same feeling as a much more rigid restraint. I like this much better than the satin or other fabric restraints that are saturating the market right now in the world of light restraints.



I was in one of the Tantus Training sessions with Ducky DooLittle one night a few weeks ago and she brought up an interesting point that also rings true with this particular type of restraint, though she was talking about cock rings– what do you do if you panic? Her argument was that silicone cock rings were best because you could easily cut them off, if you started freaking out, unlike metal ones. I think this same logic applies to bondage items as well.

Handcuffs can be difficult to take off quickly and some ropes can take a little while to cut through. This latex, however, can be cut off quickly if you need to remove it in a hurry and that is important. Be smart about how you use it though and always take your partner’s boundaries into consideration. Rare Assembly warns against putting it around the neck for any reason and suggests keeping scissors nearby just in case you need them.

I think of this as more of a light restraint item and those more experienced with BDSM would likely not be satisfied with it. It is perfect for our uses though.

I am thrilled to have gotten to try this. The bondage bow was provided to me at no charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. This review is in accordance with the FTC guidelines.

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10-Function Risque

I was recently sent the 10-Function Risque from tabu toys. The Risque is a vibrating butt plug made by California Exotics. It has a wide, flared base and 10 settings of vibration. Although I own many butt plugs, I only own a few that

The first Risque I was sent did not work, no matter how much tweaking and working on it we did. I contacted tabu and they quickly sent out another one–it worked right away. They have wonderful customer service.

What’s it made from?

As I said above, it is a vibrating butt plug. It is made of TPR. TPR is not a dreadful material, but it is still somewhat porous, which means it can retain bacteria. It can’t be fully sterilized because it cannot be bleached or boiled without breaking down– not ideal for an anal toy. You can use a condom over it every time if you would like, and should if you intend to share it with partners. It can really only be cleaned with soap and water, toy cleaner, or wipes.


The shape

The shape of the plug is nice. I would think it would be a little too large for a true anal beginner but if you have experience, it is not intimidating and would actually probably be too small for advanced users. I think of it as being right at the small side of intermediate. It has a tapered tip that goes into a fairly slender shaft and then tapers down again to the neck. It is easy to insert because of the tapered tip.

The neck is not narrow enough (for me at least) to truly use this as a plug. It is more of a probe, or a vibrator, because I had to keep my fingers on the base the entire time to make it stay in my butt. It kept slipping out. The base is large and safely keeps the toy positioned outside your body (if only you could make it stay in your body). The batteries also go in the base. The battery compartment door is a little tricky to get on and make it stay on as well. The battery door is made of plastic, not TPR.

The Risque is 3.25? long (insertable) and 1.25? wide.



The Risque is touted as being “10-Function.” It has a single button on the base that says “10x.”


Pressing it once turns it. Continuing to press it cycles through the functions and pressing and holding turns it off. It is powered by 2 AAA batteries. The vibrations are fairly strong, a little buzzy sounding, but not weak. I was surprised by the power of this toy. The vibration patterns are as follows:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Short Pulses
  • Wavy pulses
  • Low to high
  • Long pulses
  • Gradual increase
  • Random
  • High-Low-High-Low

This toy has several flaws, as you can read about above. My main issue with this is the fact that it will not stay in. I do not want to use a butt plug that has to be held in with my fingers! The battery door can be an annoyance as well and I would prefer for it to be made out of a better material, but I do not share my toys.
As an alternative, check out the Crystal Delights Frosted Plug.  This product can be bought from  Before you buy make sure you use a Eden Fantasy coupon.  If you’re new to experimenting and want to start off small.  Try some sexy lingerie from  I’ve got Hips and Curves coupons so you can save some cash.

Tantus O2 Mikey

The Mikey from Tantus is my first O2 toy and I am definitely hooked. Mikey is a dildo. It does not vibrate and does not have a hole to insert a bullet. Mikey is rendered from the same high quality, non-porous silicone Tantus is known for but is much softer and squishier than my other Tantus products due to the fact that O2 toys are dual density: a firm core surrounded by soft silicone. Mikey is akin to the way a stress ball feels: a little pliable with some give, but still somewhat rigid. My better half, Mr. Kat, seems to think Mikey is a stress ball because I frequently find him squeezing the squishy shaft.


The size

Mikey has a nice, wide base, making it safe for vaginal or anal use. The base also makes it harness-compatible and will keep it held securely in your harness. The only harness-related issue I have read about with the Mikey is length. Mikey measures 6” long and has a circumference of almost 5.5”. It is a short and stout thing. The insertable length of Mikey is right at 5” and when you use a harness with it, it might be too short to be pleasurable for some users. I do not use harnesses, but I can see how it might take up a little too much of the length.

My concerns about the product

I was initially intimidated before I actually received Mikey in the mail because I had read the dimensions and a couple of reviews that talked about how girthy it is. Now that I have it, my fears have been allayed. The dual density material makes it much easier to take it than it would be if it was cast in regular, firm silicone.


Different colors

My Mikey is black in color, and by black, I mean jet black, not a skin tone. I like that because I do not particularly care for realistically colored toys. Mikey also comes in two skin tones: cocoa and cream. Cream is a very light, off-white color and cocoa is more of a light tan. Although they are both considered to be in the skin-tone spectrum, cream looks to be more of a white color and is a little less realistic than the cocoa color.

My first time

The first time I used Mikey, Mr. Kat had used the Tsunami on me (they came on the same day and he likes to open my packages for me) and we had sex, so I was more than warmed up. Mikey slid in easily. The second time I used it, I had not warmed up whatsoever and insertion was still easy.

The way the material squishes into you upon insertion makes it feel extremely realistic. The shape is realistic too, slightly curved with a pronounced head and some lightly raised veins– it is not crazily textured though.

It also has a distinctive urethral opening, which I have not seen on too many dildos. Pay special attention to clean out that indention when washing Mikey.


I really like this toy. Though I probably would not have chosen it on my own, the girth and the O2 material work together wonderfully. I feel very full and stimulated when I use this. It doesn’t have enough of a curve to stimulate my g-spot but the full feeling is incredible, especially when paired with clitoral stimulation. It is the most realistic dildo I have ever used. It has a rigid core surrounded by softer silicone, so it feels like a real penis. It isn’t completely stiff, but not flexible either.

My Mikey, as I said above, is jet black. It has two different silicones, a matte black shaft and a glossy black head. Both are lint magnets. The black color especially seems to show every little hair and fuzz.

Caring for Mikey

The silicone is easy to care for. You can wash it with soap and water, toy cleaner, a 10% bleach + 90% water mixture, boil it, or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher with no soap. Make sure to pay special attention to the urethral opening. Because it is a silicone toy, it should only be used with water-based lubricant, or if you insist on using a high-quality silicone lube, spot test it in an inconspicuous area first.

I highly recommend this toy for either vaginal or anal use, with or without a harness, for those who love a full feeling, size queens, or anyone who likes girth but doesn’t necessarily need length.

As an alternative, check out my review of the Tantus Tsunami.  Both of these products can be bought from  You can find Eden Fantasys coupons here.