On the first day of November, I was a lucky, lucky girl. I had been entered in a contest to win a Crystal Delights frosted glass plug simply by being a fan on Facebook— and won! That is one (of the many) awesome thing about Shellie, the creator of Crystal Delights plug— she truly wants everyone to try her products and makes it effortless to randomly win one on occasion.


I had wanted a sparkly Crystal Delights plug ever since I had first laid eyes on them. I thought they were gorgeous and I love materials like glass and stainless steel. The weight, ability to heat up or cool down, and ability to fully sterilize are three big factors in me loving glass toys. I love the cool sensation of a glass plug going into my ass because glass feels cold, even at room temperature.

I have had other glass butt plugs before but they do not really compare to the quality and craftsmanship of a Crystal Delights toy. That quality is apparent as soon as you hold it in your hand…or ass. I was unprepared for how pretty a glass plug with a Swarovski crystal would be. They truly are works of art.

The sparkle

The dictionary defines sparkle as “shine brightly with flashes of light.” The crystal catches light and doesn’t sparkle—it glitters— “shines with a bright, shimmering, reflected light.” The frosted glass portion of this plug really allows the crystal to stand out because light is not refracted through the rest of the plug, like it would be if it was a transparent glass. Therefore, the bright orange crystal is the only part of this plug that is catching the light.

The color of the crystal is delightful. Shellie said she was giving away an orange frosted plug because the contest ended on Halloween and orange is just a good fall-ish color. It reminds me of the color of an orange highlighter— it is very intense, but complex. When light hits it, many other colors shine through— pinks, blues, yellows. It is gorgeous.


The glass portion of the plug is frosted. It is a clear frosted glass, but it kind of looks white. It is matte and has no shine. When you add lubricant, it becomes much more transparent.

This is definitely intended for anal use. It could be inserted vaginally, but as small as the bulb is on this plug, I don’t think it would provide much— or any (for me)— vaginal stimulation.

The plug is 3.3” long and 1.4” wide. Only the bulb and part of the neck are insertable, leaving you with an insertable length of about 2.7”. It feels heavy. I love an anal plug with weight to it. I like being reminded that it is there and the weight helps with that. It is easy to insert for me, but if you do not have much anal experience, there is a learning curve with glass. It is really hard—has no give to it—and could be more difficult to insert since you cannot really squish it to help get it inserted.

The base

The base is wide and definitely anal safe. it will not travel too far inside your body because the round base with that big, pretty crystal will be nestled in between your butt cheeks.The base does keep the plug safely outside your body, but I have found that it is not the most comfortable for extremely extended wear. Now, keep in mind that sometimes I wear plugs for entire days and that is what I am basing this judgment on.

This is fine for a couple of hours. The round base could potentially be irritating on the butt cheeks after longer than that, though. For that reason, I think of the Crystal Delights plugs to be more like “dress-up plugs.” Not so much for wearing all day, but for when you want to have a gorgeous asshole to show off. I like putting mine in for foreplay and leave it in during vaginal intercourse sometimes because I like the sensation of double penetration. The bulb can be felt slightly by my partner’s penis during intercourse and he says it adds stimulation. The base does not get in the way of his penis, like some other plugs I have worn during intercourse.

The packaging

Crystal Delights products come packaged in a beautiful black brocade bag with elastic closures, kind of similar to a jewelry roll. It will protect your plug and provides a great storage option as well. I never worry about putting a Crystal Delights plug in my bag or suitcase if it is wrapped properly in the storage bag. It also protects it in my nightstand drawer.


Cleaning a glass plug is easy and they can be fully sterilized. Due to the crystal, I do not recommend using the dishwasher or boiling the plug like I typically would a glass toy. Instead, I recommend soap and water, alcohol, or a 10% bleach solution. I use an old toothbrush to clean the groove around the crystal, because it seems like lube and other fluid can collect there.


I highly recommend the whole line of Crystal Delights toys. They are well made, can be used for temperature play, can be sterilized and shared, feel great, body safe and just really damn pretty. I have purchased three since I won this one and I feel like I will be acquiring many more in the future because they are such good plugs.

As an alternative, check out the 10-Function Risque.

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