I’m curvy and I’m proud of it.  I do a lot of my shopping for lingerie online and I’ve found that hipsandcurves.com have great products and great customer service.

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Hips and Curves Review

For some ridiculous reason men have come to the conclusion that women only like fancy clothes and jewelry so they can look good on the outside. The truth is that they like to look and feel good on the inside too, their lingerie, their panties, hoses, bras, everything is important to them and want the best. Jewelry and clothes make them look fantastic in other people’s eyes, but beautiful quality, lingerie makes them look fabulous and feel even better on the inside. There is nothing more exhilarating for a man to watch his woman take off her clothes when she knows that she looks even better in her lingerie.

Hips and Curves was started in the year 2000 in Southern California to provide the most beautiful, fine, exotic interior garments for plus-sized women. Most stores on and offline make inner garments and leather clothes for thin women because they believe busty, larger women do not wear this type of clothes, they believe these women sleep in their husband’s tee shirts every day. At Hips and Curves we believe that they too have beautiful bodies that deserve to be shown and admired that is why we make exquisite lingerie, sleep clothes, panties and many other items for plus sized women.

Bras and Lingerie

Our delicate products include regular and sexy lingerie that will make your husband take another, closer look, they are covered with delicate laces and in many different colors so that you can keep him going and on the edge day after day. We have a variety of bras that will always fit and that besides they have extra, additional support in those areas where you most need them, whether you want to show them off, raise them, or keep them in check, we have the perfect bra for you in many different colors.  Our bras are designed for busty women and they fit perfectly.  You will usually be able to find a promo code for Hips and Curves.

Panties and Hoses

Our panties are made in different colors and even more styles. You can buy full panties that will cover everything or you can buy them with a little skin above them or below or you can go all the way and wear something really sexy that will set your man on fire. Like our bras we make them for everyday use or for special occasions, they are all comfortable and made with the best materials available to keep you satisfied and comfortable all day and all night long.

Our selection of hosiery is also ample and beautiful, from solid hoses all the way to knit hoses, full or medium lengths, complete or hoses that are held in place with straps allowing some skin to show above them. We have them all and in different colors and styles for plus sized women so you do not have to spend hours looking for the right size in the department store, we make it easy for you, all you have to do is go over our huge selection and you will know that we have the right size.

Corsets and Costumes

Whether you want to play games with your husband or you are going out to a costume party we have beautiful costumes that will make eyes turn when you walk onto the dance floor.  Each costume comes with all the accessories needed to complete the look and all that is missing is you in it.  We do not have clown or dog costumes, we only have sexy, daring ensembles that say I am bigger than you, but I am ten times sexier than you too.

Our corsets come in leather, PVC and metal supported; we also have them made completely out of fine, sturdy cloth that will keep everything in place while it lets you breath and move comfortably. They are not made to lock you in and turn you into a shifting plastic doll, they are made to make your figure and attributes show off so that even a blind man can see them. We have them in different styles and many colors, complete corsets, bustiers, under bust corsets, and Steampunk too. They are the perfect complement for a tight, complete night gown or out in the open over a formal skirt.

Leather and Accessories

For some reason or another a woman in leather seems to be more sexy, more attractive and draws attention to herself, this is why we have a special collection of leather garments which includes skirts, dresses, and in and out corsets for you to have fun with. Again we tend to plus sized women who want to show their figures and feel free and beautiful while they do it.

Our line of accessories includes, hats, gloves, garters and laces and many other delicate things that will complement your attire and your beauty. We also have eye wear, belts, hoop skirts in different colors and styles and even leather straps which can be used on the inside or the outside.

Garter Belts and Swimwear

Our line of garter belts and straps is designed to keep everything in place without showing that there is something keeping things in place. They are soft and easy to hide another any fabric or type of clothes. Perfect for a night out or simply for support and adding extra curves to your body. We have them in different colors and styles and there is one for every plus sized woman who wants to feel even sexier than she already is.

Our swimwear for plus size women includes a variety of styles and colors which are designed to add curves and lines where they are needed and to hide or diminish those that are not needed. We also have wraps and beach robes which are light and colorful and will make you in you in your swimwear look even sexier and hot than you already are.

As the saying goes size does not matter, it is style and fashion that matters. This is our goal and promise to all plus sized women, we have the best most beautiful lingerie and accessories in the market for you. We know you are beautiful; our aim is to make that beauty blossom and flourish every day, anywhere.  And if you can use a coupon to save some money, it’s a bonus.




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