The Mikey from Tantus is my first O2 toy and I am definitely hooked. Mikey is a dildo. It does not vibrate and does not have a hole to insert a bullet. Mikey is rendered from the same high quality, non-porous silicone Tantus is known for but is much softer and squishier than my other Tantus products due to the fact that O2 toys are dual density: a firm core surrounded by soft silicone. Mikey is akin to the way a stress ball feels: a little pliable with some give, but still somewhat rigid. My better half, Mr. Kat, seems to think Mikey is a stress ball because I frequently find him squeezing the squishy shaft.


The size

Mikey has a nice, wide base, making it safe for vaginal or anal use. The base also makes it harness-compatible and will keep it held securely in your harness. The only harness-related issue I have read about with the Mikey is length. Mikey measures 6” long and has a circumference of almost 5.5”. It is a short and stout thing. The insertable length of Mikey is right at 5” and when you use a harness with it, it might be too short to be pleasurable for some users. I do not use harnesses, but I can see how it might take up a little too much of the length.

My concerns about the product

I was initially intimidated before I actually received Mikey in the mail because I had read the dimensions and a couple of reviews that talked about how girthy it is. Now that I have it, my fears have been allayed. The dual density material makes it much easier to take it than it would be if it was cast in regular, firm silicone.


Different colors

My Mikey is black in color, and by black, I mean jet black, not a skin tone. I like that because I do not particularly care for realistically colored toys. Mikey also comes in two skin tones: cocoa and cream. Cream is a very light, off-white color and cocoa is more of a light tan. Although they are both considered to be in the skin-tone spectrum, cream looks to be more of a white color and is a little less realistic than the cocoa color.

My first time

The first time I used Mikey, Mr. Kat had used the Tsunami on me (they came on the same day and he likes to open my packages for me) and we had sex, so I was more than warmed up. Mikey slid in easily. The second time I used it, I had not warmed up whatsoever and insertion was still easy.

The way the material squishes into you upon insertion makes it feel extremely realistic. The shape is realistic too, slightly curved with a pronounced head and some lightly raised veins– it is not crazily textured though.

It also has a distinctive urethral opening, which I have not seen on too many dildos. Pay special attention to clean out that indention when washing Mikey.


I really like this toy. Though I probably would not have chosen it on my own, the girth and the O2 material work together wonderfully. I feel very full and stimulated when I use this. It doesn’t have enough of a curve to stimulate my g-spot but the full feeling is incredible, especially when paired with clitoral stimulation. It is the most realistic dildo I have ever used. It has a rigid core surrounded by softer silicone, so it feels like a real penis. It isn’t completely stiff, but not flexible either.

My Mikey, as I said above, is jet black. It has two different silicones, a matte black shaft and a glossy black head. Both are lint magnets. The black color especially seems to show every little hair and fuzz.

Caring for Mikey

The silicone is easy to care for. You can wash it with soap and water, toy cleaner, a 10% bleach + 90% water mixture, boil it, or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher with no soap. Make sure to pay special attention to the urethral opening. Because it is a silicone toy, it should only be used with water-based lubricant, or if you insist on using a high-quality silicone lube, spot test it in an inconspicuous area first.

I highly recommend this toy for either vaginal or anal use, with or without a harness, for those who love a full feeling, size queens, or anyone who likes girth but doesn’t necessarily need length.

As an alternative, check out my review of the Tantus Tsunami.  Both of these products can be bought from  You can find Eden Fantasys coupons here.

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