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In the sex toy world, I believe it is the Salsa that sets the standard for all other bullet style vibes. By the time I made up my mind to get one, We-Vibe had already discontinued them. Why? I have no idea. Because I believe these babies would sell forever. I really wish I had gotten one sooner! It is rechargeable, waterproof, easy to clean, small and discreet, and fairly quiet. All of these features make it a great purchase for just about any user. Look how unassuming it is in my pen cup at work!

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The Salsa is intended for clitoral stimulation but it could also be used on the nipples, testicles, or around the vaginal opening. It is so small, inserting it vaginally would probably not do much for you. It should not be used anally. It is small, lacks a flared base, and is very slippery, so that is an almost guaranteed disaster. The hard ABS plastic allows you to apply more pressure than you can with other bullets and not lose power. This is great for those of us who like to really grind our toys on our pussies (guilty!). The small, pointed tip really allows me to get right on my clit and it feels amazing.

As I said above, the Salsa is made from hard ABS plastic. It has a glossy finish and glides over the skin with very little drag, though a drop of lubricant (I use water-based with the Salsa) makes a huge difference. Plastic has no give and no scent or taste. It can be cleaned in a lot of ways; I typically just use an antibacterial hand soap. I do not share my Salsa, but if you do share toys, I would recommend a 10% bleach solution to really disinfect it. Do not boil or put the Salsa in the dishwasher or you will ruin the mechanical parts.

The Salsa is a little bitty thing. At just over 3″ long and 2″ in circumference, it is about the size of a ChapStick. The small size makes it great for taking places with you or using during sex when you do not want a larger, more cumbersome vibe getting in the way. I love using mine on my clit during sex. I also keep mine in my purse a lot of the time. It is so small and discreet, it is never a bother. And I have found some pretty interesting ways and times to use it that way (hour long commute to and from work…hell yes masturbation time). The tip is slightly pointed, which allows for pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

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The Salsa is rechargeable, which I love. I hate changing batteries and trying to find the right batteries and buying batteries and basically everything that has to do with batteries. The charger for the Salsa is magnetic and a little finicky. With a little repositioning, you can usually find a good connection and it will charge in about 90 minutes. We-Vibe claims that the Salsa has about 2 hours of play time on a single charge, but I have found that the life is under an hour–usually about three play sessions for me. It does not gradually power down when the battery is dying, it just shuts off completely. This has happened to me twice when I am right at the cusp of orgasm and it was pretty annoying.

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However, the good of the Salsa far outweighs the bad. The vibrations are extremely powerful and rumbly. This was the first clitoral vibrator that I could quickly and consistently squirt from. There is a single button on the base of the Salsa and you cycle through the settings using it. After the final click, the Salsa is off. It also has a quick off setting if you press and hold the button for a couple of seconds. If you turn it off this way, the Salsa will remember what setting you were on next time you turn it on. There are eight settings:

Screen shot 2013-11-09 at 2.05.56 PMI like the Ultra setting the best. Deep, rumbly, powerful vibrations that make me completely lose control and soak the sheets. I usually avoid pulsing patterns though because I need consistent vibrations to climax. The patterns could be great for you.

The Salsa comes in a white cardboard box with the toy, charger, little instruction booklet, and a white satin bag. It is drawstring and pretty nice. It is much larger than the toy and mine has gotten picks and pulls in the fabric but it is still a nice bonus.

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I wish the battery life was longer and that the magnetic charger attached more strongly, but all in all, this is an amazing vibrator. It is small and convenient to carry around, makes me cum hard and quickly too and I love that it is rechargeable. I would love to recommend that everyone go buy one, but unfortunately, it has been discontinued. Browse the other toys available at We-Vibe.

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